Smart Lines- Research Report

Studio Roosegaarde

My proposal was to introduce this concept from Studio Roosegaarde and collaborate with the Canadian government, but perhaps this is something I should have targeted at the provincial level.

I lost a close friend in my last year of high school. This was due to an accident on a range road in Alberta, where there was a lack of lighting on roads, and therefore this concept hits close to home.

I hope this research paper finds you well and helps in the introduction to this concept.

"In 2013, the Netherlands introduced the first ever-sustainable painted light that was illuminated on a portion of the countries highway. The idea was manifested and accompanied,the countries shift towards economic and environmental sustainability. This implementation proposed the theory of doing more with less; a sort of bricolage, in making use of what is readily available.

Dann Roosegaarde is creative head at Studio Roosegaarde, and the lead designer on thisproject. By partnering with the biggest infrastructure manufacture in the Netherlands, he was able to gain approval and guidance from the Netherlands Kingdom, ultimately making this project a success.

These smart lines are a great move towards re-thinking the need and installation of ordinary designed light posts, by completely removing the traditional light and focus on the usage of the road which with a minor adjustment, can be used to serve the same purpose ofillumination.

Karan Wadhwani, a BCom student at Royal Roads University in Victoria Canada; wouldlike to bring this innovative idea and design, and strategically introduce Roosegaarde to Canada.He believes by piloting the projects introduction into range roads within Canadian, in particular Alberta and Saskatchewan townships and rural areas; the illuminated glow in the dark lines will provide a great service to these prairies province and their remote and darkened roadways."

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